To All You Black Hatters, Idiots & Crooked Techies

For sometime now, You Guys add a variety of comments to my site, creating Links for SEO & OTHER obscure reasons thinking that these JUNK CONTENT is published on my site to either enhance your clients website or satisfy your own stupid caffeine & Tobacco or indeed mind alterning substance driven crave and STUPIDITY!

Junk and Below Good Intelliegence Links that you THOUGHT you were creating for the likes of poor Christian Louboutin Brand who probably has no IDEA that some idiot is wasting time and money to create deleting links to: discount christian louboutin cheap Discount shoes, outlets, Authentic wholesale, Boots etc etc, And Oakley outlets for Cheap sun glasses, Oakley deviation sunglasses, Rayban eyewear, michael kors, michael kors outlet store & Coach bags shoes. And some desperate SEO idiots, punting for content! Well I have NEWS for you…. Every Single Comment HAS TO GO through MODERATION. So Go ahead and WASTE your time and the brand your FOOLING.

Every IP is snap shotted, Every Link DELETED which is rather Therapeutic for me! I like DELETING YOUR STUPID EFFORTS!

Check it out…. FINF the content you have tried to Foolishly add to this site!

This is a Street Photography Site Mr. Moran.

Yours Sincerely