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Street photography is a visual “Social Perspective” and whilst in recent years this genre has been diluted to anything taken on the streets, The True Street-Photographer remains faithful to a sense of spontaneity, humor, contrast, juxtaposition and story-telling of “The Only” moment in which the scenario comes to Life. An often Rare Moment. It’s an unpredictable Genre. Sometime you see a “Frame” on the street and by the time you have lifted your camera up, the whole scene takes a different turn in that fraction of a second! Sometimes for the BETTER & sometimes you have lost it.

Not every images taken on the “Street” is Street Photography. On Our Flickr Group, We used to hear his argument from New Comers, claiming a Picture of a TREE, as Street Photography simply because “It’s On the Street”! Nowadays anything from Urban and Graffiti images, to Harsh Shadows and Random Faces is claimed as Street Photography which of course it isn’t! If a Tripod with a remote trigger can do it, if the person behind you can take the same picture ONE second later, then odds are that as good a picture as it might be, it’s NOT Street Photography.

My advice to any new starter, embarking on Street Photography is to go out on the Street with “Intense Intent” and do NOT be SHY! But first, study the works of some of the established names & The Greats to see if it’s YOU! If you search hard enough, you will find them.
It’s a talent that is in the genes and it’s seldom learnt! And always remember that the BEST camera for street photography is the one in your hand.”

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  • During my last visit to Hamburg, I stayed at a city centre hotel. In the afternoon, I left the hotel & wondered onto the main road right in the heart of the city for some Street Photography. I immediately noticed a man sitting by the exit/entrance, begging for money. This man continually mad[...]
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